Monday, January 7, 2008

So this is the new year...

He's back! And his blog is now ochre!

Call it a new year's resolution or restored faith in life, but I'm here again. I'm about to embark on what hopefully will be an extremely productive (and busy) spring, so the blog is taking on a slight shift (beyond the new hue, even). I'll be back in action in comments and discussion of the world of Theatre, capital 'T' on the usual suspects' blogs, but my own is going to become an ongoing interactive production diary of sorts for everything I've got coming up. This is the table of contents.

After having my foundation shattered (in the best of all possible ways) by the 500 Clown class, I have been continuing my foray into clown, both through somewhat-weekly clowning sessions with some others from the class and through the intermediate 500 Clown class, which will be kicking my ass and freeing my soul the end of this month.

I've also accepted what is easily the best role I've had since I've moved to Chicago. I will be playing Stargyl, a mute 17 year old in the midwest premiere of Adam Rapp's Faster at The Side Project. The run is from March 8 to April 6 and I will definitely be keeping the blogosphere updated.

And, in perhaps the most exciting news this side of the Mississippi, Per Diem is off the ground! Our first production will be an evening of three radio/radio-esque plays: Samuel Beckett's Words and Music, Paul Rekk's Peculiar Way, and Jean Cocteau's The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party. Both the Beckett and the Cocteau will be directed by yours truly and my own piece will be directed by either Bil or Lance, to be determined by Bil and Lance. Dates and location are still being set in stone, but we're looking at a tentative four-week run in late May/early June.

Per Diem productions numbers two and three, respectively, will be This American Wife, written and directed by Bil Gaines, and an as-yet-untitled ensemble piece workshopped around the life and works of the poet William Carlos Williams, as directed by Lance Hall.

Naturally, as a baby company, we're constantly a bit overwhelmed. And we're more than ready to take any suggestions/recommendations/advice/assistance/names/numbers that anyone has to offer to a new company about the hurdles we are/will meet. And more immediately, we're also looking for anyone who would take an interest in being a part of the first production. If you have the slightest possible interest, in any aspect (acting, design, technical, choreography, marketing, front of house, etc.), just drop me a line and I can get you plenty more details on what the production's all about. We'll chat. It'll kick ass.

Most immediately of all, as my own Peculiar Way is going to be a part of this, I am going to be holding a reading/discussion of the piece to get plenty of feedback before we start to put nuts to bolts on this thing. The reading is going to be on Tuesday, February 5 at 7:30 pm at my lovely home. I will be providing some drinks and snacky-type foods in exchange for your ears and maybe some opinions. Of course, since it's at my home, you're going to have to RSVP to get the address. (The internets is a scary place, kids.) But I look forward to seeing anyone who can make it.

And one further request: the final course on my plate this spring is helping my roommate work out a schedule for a Butoh workshop he's long been thinking about putting up. He most likely will not be in Chicago come the fall, so now is the time. Lloyd has received most of his training from Jerry Gardner, founder of RaKan Butoh, and has also studied with some of the original Butoh masters. What I'm looking for right now is an gauge of interest in the Chicago area for a Butoh workshop -- either in the form of a one-day intensive Introduction to Butoh or a longer (once a week for six weeks?) Butoh class possibly culminating in a showcase of sorts.

Go ahead, check it all out and then get back to me on any- or everything. I'm at p.rekk (at) hotmail (dot) com. Awesome. It's good to be back.

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