Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hey New Yorkers!

To the recent wave of New Yorkers (and Brooklynites in 'ticular) who've stumbled cross The Reve:

Welcome! If it hasn't already been made plain, I do not regularly discuss George Hunka on my blog. I'm terribly sorry to disappoint those searching for the intricate details on the matter, but Google has lead you astray. It's a tacit agreement we've come to: on only rare occasion do I impart my two cents on whatever hot bloggy mess is surrounding him at the time and, in return, he continues to be unaware of my existence.

Self-deprecation. Heh.

For reals, kids, my piece on the subject is down there below Zigs for your perusal and that's about the last of it as far as I'm concerned. But I do hope you'll come back and play. From time to time I'm actually relevant. And the rest of the time I like to at least pretend to have wit. That and my sense of self-importance is hard to sate and web hits are but the latest on a long line of inconsequential things to make me puff out my chest.

Do it for my chest. I'd do it for yours.



Mac Rogers said...

Don't believe him, New Yorkers! Rekk deletes all the good stuff minutes before you log onto his blog! Learn from my mistaaaaaaaaaaaaake....!

Paul Rekk said...

One more outburst like that, Rogers, and you're outta here!

Don't listen to him -- he's just intolerant of the Chicago aesthetic of my blog. If it's not on the Atlantic, it's just not good enough for you, eh, Mac?