Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don Nigro? Anybody?

I was in the library doing my darndest to find some American playwrights I both enjoyed and was unfamiliar with and came across a bevy of stuff by Don Nigro. Who is this man with a name out of 18th century Italy, I thought, and grabbed a couple of his works. I've read Ardy Fafirsin and Armitage in as many days and am in awe by almost every aspect of his work. I have a lot of plays in my head that I want to see on stage, but I'm one of those (playwright-hated) conceptualists; it's very rarely that I want to see a play onstage exactly as written. Don Nigro's already chalked up two to that small list.

After some oh so brief Googling, I've mainly discovered that the man is insanely prolific and rarely produced in Chicago (although WNEP did put up Grotesque Lovesongs -- any input, Don?). Who's got Don Nigro insights to share? Maybe just recommendations of where to go next or similar 'wrights?


In an unrelated footnote, things I believe:

I celebrate artists that are able to forge a deep and vibrant connection to me through their work. The manner, intent, history, and outside opinion of the work is encyclopedic claptrap for press agents, historians, and theorists. It is of great use when studying art but only serves to water down and distract from the actual experience of the piece.



Ronan said...

One of my former college professors is a friend of Don Nigros, she directed his first production of "Seascape with Sharks and Dancer." A few of us were obsessed with his stuff back then. I could talk some Don Nigro with you.

-- Ronan

Slay said...

Odd. my comment is similar. One of my former professors is also a friend of Don. And I directed a production of "Seascape with Sharks and Dancer".


RLewis said...

I'm pretty sure that I saw a Present Company production of some Nigro work that John Clancy directed back when they were still in midtown. I bet he could add some thoughts, if you should want to hit him up:

Mandy said...

Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, IL will be presenting Don Nigro's Cinderella Waltz in November, 2008. Check it out at

Anonymous said...

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