Friday, September 19, 2008


Dracula opens tonight!

And, lo and behold, almost every doubt I mentioned in the last entry has completely dissipated in the clutch. I think this is a pretty neat thing we got going on, and I certainly think it'll be much more of an experience than the other Draculas being offered this season. (Though I'm looking forward to this one.) We've adapted Stoker's original novel in a style most directly influenced by silent film and graphic novels. Tell me that doesn't sound cool. Come, come, my lovelies, and stick around and say 'hey' to Jonathan Harker afterwards!

There's a buncha tickets (some free w/ a $5 service charge) on Goldstar for select dates the first couple of weekends. I can also get you 10% off a regular ticket to any performance; e-mail me for details. And don't forget, this isn't a Halloween show -- you've only got until October 18th to see it!

See you there!



Verbal said...

A shame really that you can't talk about your admittedly superior "Dracula" experience without denigrating First Folio's production. (How lovely that you can judge shows without evening seeing them! How I wish I had that kind of superior mental acuity!)
And no, I have no connection to First Folio. I'm strictly a random theater-goer/blog reader.

Paul Rekk said...

Ah, verbal, stick around -- you'll discover that First Folio is the least of things that I denigrate at random and with no provocation.

And where's your Theatre Hikes love? Can it be that you have limits as well? 'Cause I do, and those press photos just reached them.

Verbal said...

Like I said, sad.

Paul Rekk said...

Opinionated, vocal, and at times derisive, sure. Not terribly sad.

But hey, I've got an extra comp to Dracula, catch me quick and it's yours. Stick around and tell me after that the 'experience' factor for this show isn't higher than what Folio and Hikes are aiming for (based on all of the marketing I've seen, and I'm the type that's a-lookin') and I'll duly note it.

Ed said...

Hey Paul. You were good. The show was good. The ending fills me with rage. I suspect I won't be the only one, but to be fair I also suspect that some people will think it's awesome. Nice work.