Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gimme one more week...

So, it turns out I neglected to set aside any time for my post-show post-partum. We've leapt right into Brodie rehearsals, and as a result I have hit the wall this week. Hit it hard. I am the very definition of weary and have toyed all week with the idea of throwing up a "Gone Fishing -- Back In Three Months" sign on ye olde blog. But I'm already back to my sadly inappropriate ways elsewhere, so I apparently haven't lost my gumption, and I haven't once felt the urge to scale back the shows I'm seeing, so I haven't lost the drive. I've just lost the energy and taken it out on you, dear random passersby.

I'm going to relax and catch up on as much sleep as I can this weekend (in between Piccolo's Twelfth Night on Friday and Quest's Into The Woods on Sunday.) and see if I can't at least avoid zombiedom for the entirety of next week. If that works, I should be back in action after the following weekend's shows (probably The Lost Shakespeare Play at EP and one half of The Building Stage's Objects In Motion festival). Wish me sleepytime luck, friends.



Kerry said...

I'm looking forward to Brodie. The film was a minor obsession with me for a while, but I've never seen it onstage. (If I don't like it, I promise not to storm out yelling "STOP THIS!")


Dianna said...

What night are you coming to see us at EP? We should have some drinks after.

Paul Rekk said...


We'll be glad to have you! We're only two weeks in, but I'm geared up. I think we've got some good stuff on our hands.


I just made my reservation for Friday the 20th -- and I like the sound of drinks!

Dianna said...

Crap! Friday we are all heaqding to the Producer's place for drinks there - kind of a cast party I guess? I don't see why you can't tag along with that???

@Kerry - will we be seeing you in Pilsen this weekend as well????