Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeds of Glory

Clarifications first, as usual: when I label that Subscribe To Me! button over there on the right as the feed thing that I don't understand, I really mean it. How people are subscribing (although I have a few -- neat!) or what that involves? No fucking clue. My default answer is RSS, not because I know what an RSS is, but because it's only damn term I've managed to gleam from this whole 'feed' ordeal. A sample exchange:

"Hey man, I hear you have a blog now!"
"Yeah dude, it's totally RSS. You should check it out!"
"You'll have to send me the link sometime, pal."
"Nah, buddy, you don't need a link, I've RSS'd that shit."
"Um... OK, friend. Where... uh, where can I find it?"

This is where either I or my friend or sometimes both shuffle off, trying to avoid eye contact.

I have, however, discovered that this mysterious service lets me track you to a certain degree, lovely reader, which was a lot of fun at first but really isn't living up to its potential. Oh, sure, there was that one day that someone from Cairo stumbled across my blog, and the poor shmuck who searched for "art of fucking" on Google and thought that this place would be of any help, but the average day is pretty plain jane. So if you have any friends in Djibouti or stationed on Antarctica, have them visit my blog. I'll smile.

And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to use this space to encourage a few more random searches my way.

urine-based insect repellent
how to remove lamb's blood
Milli Vanilli album covers
fossilized pirates
Fran Drescher erotic stories
Buddhist death metal


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