Monday, August 27, 2007

Sid and Nancy, anyone?

Remember when artists did this shit and no one minded? When people even recognized the subversive sense of appeal in it? If society works in cycles, isn't it about time for that one to swing back around to a time when it was ok for self-destruction to be sexy?

Note: This post has been edited. Personal details have been removed, not to protect the innocent, the guilty, or me, but because for once something really isn't all that much about me.



David said...

I remember a time when I thought being self-destructive was sexy... but after too much time in that place, I came to the conclusion that it was... well... merely destructive. (The results of which lasted well after the sexy was over.)

But that mindset is obviously a result of where I am now, years later. I do imagine, though, that the press's minute-by-minute countdown of the battle suits Ms. Winehouse's current mindset perfectly, no matter anyone else's opinions on anything.

Paul Rekk said...

This was slightly touched on in the part I deleted. My main soapbox is not one of self-destruction, but one of doing what one does unapologetically and with passion and fervor, be that accounting, model shipbuilding, or heroin and brawls with your husband.

And you're right, none of this hoopla is having any change in the Winehouse household; it's mostly just frustration that can't decide which is more annoying -- the cult of the gossip rag, the current state of moralistic manifest destiny, or (which is most likely the case) the deep irony that the two are in bed together.

David said...

Yeah, Paul, I didn't think the whole "slow death by whatever" thing was your main point. I just responded most to that part because -- without getting too confessional -- I actually did spend too much of my own life in thrall of (with?) the idea. The particulars were different, but the idea wasn't.

And hear, hear, hear on the "being in bed together" idea. Priests have always needed whores, and vice verse. (Of course, my sympathies always lie with the whores. Pun not intended, but noted and allowed to stand.)

Mac Rogers said...

What? I always get to Que j'ai rêvé right after the stuff's been deleted!