Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Thanks for all the great feedback on The Nine; the response has been fantastic. Please, please, if you haven't been in touch, do so. And whether you have or not, spread the word -- get your friends and colleagues in touch with me as well. The most important factor in putting this up will be the Chicago artistic community, not the Chicago artistic community's money. If enough people are eager and striving for this, even $50,000 will seem like a massive budget.

So I'm aware that as this grows, I will soon be needing to start a website, most likely with accompanying blog, solely for The Nine. Which means much of the theoretical stuff will be taking place over there. And in figuring out what will remain on this one, it seems to me that there's a lot of conversation available that I haven't been mining from all the shows I am continually seeing. Basically, I'm saying that this blog may begin steering more Chicago production-based. I'm going to try to ride that line where I don't just become another self-glorified critic, but instead force myself to sit down and reflect on how the shows that I am seeing springboard into the greater artistic ideas at hand. We'll see what happens.

For me this week (and the lucky guinea pigs, it would appear): on Thursday, Hubris Productions' Torch Song Trilogy; on Friday, Oak Park Festival's Dancing at Lughnasa; and hopefully on Saturday, Quest's The People's History of the United States (I'm a moron and didn't make reservations until this past weekend, so I'm on the wait list. Fingers crossed, because I was quite looking forward to it...)


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