Monday, August 11, 2008

The Return of Tony Clifton and his Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra

Alright, I know that Co-Ed Prison Sluts is back and that's a pretty big deal, even though I wasn't around for the first one, but if you're going to see a late-night show in Chicago this week, it's gotta be Tony Clifton down at the Chopin. You're not going to find a dirtier, raunchier, more intensely swingin' time in Chicago and you certainly aren't going to find one more real. Tony Clifton lives in some strange no man's land between performance art and found art. His show should by no means be entertaining to any person with the slightest shred of humanity. Decent folks awake with a start from Tony Clifton dreams. But normal folks -- normal folks (whoever the fuck they are) in a little way want to be Tony Clifton and in another little way want to see Tony Clifton fail and in a third little way are secretly overjoyed when Tony Clifton doesn't fail because Tony Clifton simply can't -- decent folks, fire marshals, and Death be damned. (D'ya hear that Andy Kaufman?)

Tony Clifton: Because you want to hate yourself in the morning.


This week for me? Friday is Chicago dell'Arte's Murder, Murder, Murder! followed by another bout with Tony Clifton (this time with a reserved front row table), Saturday is Azusa's Onto Infinity, and Sunday is Dream Theatre's Medea.


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