Friday, June 29, 2007

Ioway? A-okay!

I'm heading back to Iowa (A-okay!) this weekend to visit to take in the Riverside Shakespeare Festival in Iowa City with two of my housemates. That's where the three of us met and parted ways three years ago. And after three years of occasional contact and lots of life on all three of our parts, we have wound up together again in a meeting of the cosmos, aligning of the planets, or some shit like that.

Those three years are open fodder for a future blog, but right now I'm just ready to have a notebook to fill on the drive down. I had recently resolved to see more theatre, because I was really slacking, and I'm following through quite well, but it's eating up a lot of time, too.

I had been spending most of my writing time on a segmented prose project that, still in its early stages, is teaching me a lot about my process, but is also miring me down for that reason (also probably a near future blog). I hope to set that aside this weekend and play around with a couple of idealings that have been floating around recently -- especially a half radio/half intimately staged piece about an astronaut. Hopefully I'll have a progress report when I return.

Don't go too nuts on the comments, you crazy kids...



DAM* Writer said...

Aw, don't you worry too much about them thar comments... before you know it you'll be getting more responses than you can handle.

(Cue spooky music.) "People are reading!"

Actually, a suggestion: It appears that your blog's Comment settings are set to only allow comments by people with Google accounts, which could be preventing/discouraging folk from adding their thoughts. I just happen to have an old Google ID hanging around.

Paul Rekk said...

Ah, the joys of technology...

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't the foggiest!

David Moore said...

No problem... and I see below (to the right, once this comment is posted) that commentors can now "choose an identity." Groovy! For today, I'll be the guy who takes tickets at the Tilt-A-Whirl and uses a can of beer to wash away the vomit.

(Just for a day.)