Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rise of the Machines

Now that I have my very own extra-special blog to call my very own, let's get the requisite self-referential post in which I deal with the fact that I now have a blog out of the way. Because I now have a blog. And I don't really how to wield it.

It's not that I'm technologically impaired or anything of the sort; I can usually figure my way around a piece of equipment or software if given half an hour and permission for it to not come back in one piece. But I am quite blissfully unaware of the new e-world. We're talking about a man who has never owned an iPod here (or an iAnything, really). And trust me, I would use the shit out of an iPod if I had one.

No, in a perversely glorious combination of selective frugality and down home rural America upbringing, I choose my luxuries carefully. Which isn't to say I'm not indulgent, because that would be silly. And a lie. I just indulge randomly, and e-technology wound up on the wrong side of the fence. But we're nearing a decade into the 21st century, and it's about time that I show up -- loud, proud, and dawdling around (but now on the web!)

And I'll be damned if there ain't a whole dadgum little community here -- I've been catching up on my "theatrosphere" (a word which I vow never to use again) the last few days, and here's what I've discovered:

1. There's a shit-ton of intelligent, passionate, downright good people here. And everyone's leaving (sort of).

2. I'm not special, after all. It turns out the entire theatre world hates the state of the entire theatre world. They also hate the fact that the entire theatre world is doing nothing but bitching about that fact. This is easily resolved by bitching about the fact that the entire theatre world is wasting good art time bitching. It seems a little convoluted at first, but I've been taking notes, so I think we're all good.

3. Theatre < Television

4. Television < Theatre

5. Many a pun can be made using an ironic name quip involving Tony Soprano and Tony the award.

6. New York and Chicago can play nice, but it's the sort of nice you play with that cousin that you don't really like all that much who kinda smells and has a stupid, loud, ugly dog that always bites you but Mom said that if you behave and are a super good boy you'll get a surprise later. I don't know what that surprise is, but I'm assuming it relates to No. 2 somehow.

7. Everything relates to No. 2 somehow.

I was gonna go for ten. I didn't. Pity, huh?

Regardless of all snarkiness on my part, I am happy that I've leapt this technological bound. New faces are always a joy.

Being responsible for the aesthetics of my blog, on the other hand... This will be my downfall. Please, bear with me (and give me reassuring words, if you feel so inclined), for I realize that my blog, visually speaking, is a massive pile of suck. If there's one thing I am not, it's a visual person, and, while I know how to get all this purdy fancy things on my blog, it's the what/where/why that baffles. There will be more things on the side. There will be some sort of actual format. Hell, there may even be a picture! But for now? You get a massive pile of suck.

And you know what? I can deal with that for the time being.


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