Friday, July 20, 2007

The Blogosphere Forges On

Has it really only been four days? Seems like I've got a lot of catching up to do for such a short time. Expect multiple posts in quick progression.

It's been a hella week: if Per Diem planning weren't overwhelming enough (and it were), I'm also in the middle of rehearsal for a one-week play festival. (Look for the 'other' identity: Bries Vannon.) Plus, after about a year and a half of not a cent of communication -- on either end -- I've reconnected with an very dear ex-girlfriend: we broke up because I was moving to Chicago from the other end of Iowa, and our contact fell into disarray pretty quickly because of the major life events each of us was going through. That friendship was the one bridge I had been afraid Chicago had burned for good, and finding out otherwise has been tapping a lot of heart and mind power (in all the best ways, of course). That's not to mention major (MAJOR) personal epiphanies at the hands of Lookingglass Alice (that'll get a post to itself), a beautiful (and rainy) Decemberists concert in Millennium Park, and a lot of sleep -- at least 18 of the last 36 hours. Apparently I was deprived.

So, aside from Lookingglass Alice, I've also got a half-finished Per Diem/tribalism draft saved from Tuesday, and now Kerry Reid is wreaking havoc in comment sections web-wide with some marvelous thoughts on artists and acknowledging the idea of fallacy in them as well as their work. I best get crackin'.

Other things I may not find time to touch on, but require a gander: Harry Potter fallout, hours o' fun thanks to Rob Kozlowski, and funny cats.

I heart funny cats.


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