Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thought of the Moment

It's much more difficult to find art that I hate than art that I find mediocre. But I will forever remember the art that I hate: it has the same passion and force as that which I love. And is created with the same skill.

Be unapologetic. Speak your truth. Acceptance needn't be the only goal. A chorus of boos isn't far removed from a standing ovation.



Ian said...

OK then Paul:

I HATE Ron Howard films. I believe his films demonstrate a dangerously lazy style of thinking – and then detonate their half-baked black-and-white ideals over the largest kill zone their calously capitalist value systems will allow.

Ron Howard films lower the bar for mainstream communication and speak in an emotional shorthand that teaches us to expect less from each other and the world around us.

BOO. Ron Howard. I HATE the films you direct.

I put it in writing back in 2003:

And I'll keep dissing his films until he cleans up his act and directs a picture with a shred of artistic intergrity.

That Hollywood takes Howard so seriously and rewards him so handsomely for these efforts is the single-largest indicator I see of how damaged that system of storytelling might actually be.



Anonymous said...

Finally, something to read that is clear, concise, thoughtful, NOT self-absorbed, NOT pretentious, and above all, NOT cute.