Friday, October 5, 2007

To my Google Search friends

Mr./Mrs. "facetious witticism": Well, that was serendipitous! Welcome home.

Mr./Mrs. "halloween word that starts with a i": I believe you are looking for 'incubus'. However, there may be more options. Perhaps my regular readers can provide other suggestions; they're both quite knowledgeable.

To the throng of seekers of information on "the art of fucking" and its variants: Wow, you searched for 'the art of fucking' and then you clicked here? Talk about crushing disappointment. Seriously, guys, you may as well ask these fellas; they're probably getting more action than I am.



Bil said...

I like how the Eunuch Archive is there to provide erotic stories to eunuchs...and that soon they hope to have the site accessible by cell phone. It kind of makes me wonder how many of those people I see browsing the web on their Blackberries or iPhones on the train are reading porn. And now I will wonder how many of them are eunuchs as well.

GreyZelda Land said...

How do you do the google search thingamabob?


Paul Rekk said...

I'm taking these from -- what these mystical feed creatures are and where they dwell is beyond me, but it's fun to see where peoples is coming from.