Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thoughts of the Moment: A Diversionary Tactic

There are rules to be followed in art. As an artist, are they your own rules, or are you following someone else's? Neither is incorrect.

How often do you seek a change in rules? Some can live their lives on one set, others want a new game every time. Neither is incorrect.

"No rules" is a set of rules. Anarchy is still a form of government.

If someone is playing by a different set of rules than you expected, you can try to pick them up as you go and risk failing miserably or you can refuse to play and guarantee failure.

You can fail as an audience member. Which isn't necessarily bad.

A third option: You can try to change the rules. This is a place where things can get ugly or beautiful in a hurry. And the consequences are yours to deal with.

The artist and the audience are equally complicit in this relationship. A bad experience on either end can rarely be blamed solely on the other party. Give what you want to get.


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Anonymous said...

"Give what you want to get." There's irony there.