Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's back!

And he has a caveat...

Posting will be light for the next couple of weeks. I don't get teh internet in my new place until the 1st and I just started a new temp gig today; a temp gig I quite enjoy that pays me well and has an excellent chance of becoming a permanent gig. Needless to say, I'm going to lay low for a bit and get a feel for the place before I rampantly abuse internet availability. Which sucks, because I have a lot of stuff I wanna talk about, much of which I already wanted to talk about before I left for Iowa. But hey, a brother gots to get paid...

There's not a whole lot of Rekk free time between rehearsals (more news to come...) and helping with box office and other such things for Signal, but I'm packing in as much theatah as I still can. This week is Circle's Hay Fever on Thursday, Chicago Shakes' Funk It Up About Nothin' on Friday and WNEP's Metaluna and the Amazing Science of the Mind Revue on Sunday.

And, of course, Signal's The Birthday Party opens on Monday. I wish you the best of luck on trying to get opening night tix, but there are previews on Saturday and Sunday, and as for the rest of the run, you can always take advantage of one of the best industry night policies in the city: every night is industry night. Bring a headshot or resume or business card to any performance for $10 tickets. Though you may want to call ahead. These things have been known to sell out -- with good reason.


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