Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A request

This one's for all you Francophiles out there.

I'm looking for translated copies of some of Jean Tardieu's theatrical work. Anybody? The long term plan is to gain a working knowledge of French within the next two years. But that does me no good right now. Anybody?

Awesome. Thanks.

EDIT: While I'm throwing out requests, here's a long shot: anybody got anything by Julien Torma (in any language)? I've got this book, but I'd love to get my hands of some of his plays as well.



Tony Adams said...

I've heard there were some translated in the sixties, but I've never seen any of the plays in english.

River Underground might be the only one easily found, but that's a group of his poetry

Paul Rekk said...

Tony! You know French, right? Ever considered an illustrious career as a translator? I've got a laundry list of things I'd love to be able to read.

Tony Adams said...

Maybe in retirement, I could do some translating. Right now, I've barely got time to read 'em. :)

As for "Torma" I couldn't find any french versions of plays..

The Alliance Francaise might be your best bet to ask.

Paul Rekk said...

Yeah, the AF were extremely helpful when I was in dire need of some original language Artaud last year. Insanely nice people, even to a complete non-speaker.

All I can find is a copy of one of Tardieu translations for a gut-wrenchingly ridiculous $87. And apparently the only full set of Torma's work is in the Beinecke Library at Yale, and I doubt they're letting it go anytime soon.

I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and learn the language, looks like.