Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'll keep repeating it if I have to...

If you're not destroying, you can't create. If you're not creating, you can't destroy.

And by the same token, if you are destroying, you are also creating. If you're creating, you are also destroying.

The point is not to reconcile the creation and the destruction or find a happy medium between them. The point is simply to be aware of both simultaneously.



Bil said...

I'm gonna go ahead and refute this. It's like the scientific law that matter cannot be destroyed nor created, it can only change forms. Which means that art is neither creation nor destruction -- just the retooling, rethinking, deconstructing, reconstructing, reshaping, and renaming of things that already exist in our world.

That's not written in stone, but it is worth considering.

Nick Keenan said...

Yeah, gotta back Bil up on this.

For an example of destroying without creating, see also Iraq.

Is there a balance to be struck? Sure. But you can also create while minimizing the amount that you destroy. And you can create while maximizing the amount that you destroy.