Thursday, May 15, 2008


Go see As Told by the Vivian Girls. It closes on the 25th, and odds are you're going to want to see it more than once, so go see it soon. I'll go more in depth on Monday or Tuesday during my weekend wrapup, but this show needs to be seen.

Tonight is the only night that me and my roommate could both make it, so Die! Mommie, Die! has been postponed and I'll be having an encore performance of As Told by the Vivian Girls this evening instead. If anyone else wants to join us, this is the sort of show I'd love to be able to chat about afterwards.

I'm serious. Drop whatever plans you have and go see As Told by the Vivian Girls. You'll thank me. You'll thank Dog and Pony even more.

Also, because apparently one free day is one free day too many, I've also picked up a ticket for Circle's Enchanted April on Sunday. Whee, suburbs.

Go see As Told by the Vivian Girls!


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