Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Sound and The Fury

Creation through destruction and destruction through creation, blogosphere.

Creation through destruction and destruction through creation.


Other notes: I've taken it upon myself to see much, much, much more theatre than I have been as of late. I've realized that my image of myself has transitioned from pawn in the Chicago theatrical scene to someone with an active voice in whatever direction it may be headed at any moment. And I need to take way more in to truly keep an eye on that barometer. This weekend I'm playing catch up with On My Parents' One Hundredth Wedding Anniversary at the side project and Play Strindberg and The Secret Agent by Organic Theatre, and the rest of May is already more or less booked. I know I won't be writing about everything I see, and I may not write about anything I see -- I have no interest in reviewing, but I also have great interest in my own opinions. We'll see what comes about.

Also, I have a wonderful piece of news to share, but I can't do so until next week. So there -- I taunt you with the prospect of congratulating me -- but for what? The world may never know. Until sometime next week, that is.


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