Friday, May 2, 2008

Requisite Jeff Awards post

Big congrats to Stephen Ptacek for his nod for Faster's Sound Design. Personally, I think he also deserved a second category all his own: Best Sound Design That Will Make You Shit Yourself And Question Your Very Safety. Y'all know what I'm talking about.

And, since I have no shame about showing my blatant biases, a few congrats to friends, colleagues, or simply people I think deserve the recognition:

- Signal Ensemble Theatre, for rocking the joint with their seven nods (5 for 1776, 2 for Old Wicked Songs)

- Joel Stanley Huff for his supporting role in Tesla's Letters (I didn't get to see it, unfortunately, but Joel's a stand-up guy and I have no doubt he was amazing.)

- Grant Sabin's scenic design for Mr. Marmalade (didn't see this one either, but if Grant's not gonna get one for his beauty of a creepy set for Faster, he more than deserves to be there for something)

Yay, recognizing excellence!


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